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Use this site to stay informed on the health of Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences (ISHLS.Com) services, Cloud applications, mobile applications and networks.

At Iseehear Inc. Life Sciences (ISHLS.Com) our goal is to be as open and transparent with our clients as possible. To that end, we have implemented numerous communication resources thus allowing us to share timely information regarding services, scheduled events and issues that will arise from time to time-related to the services Iseehear Life Sciences provides.

Monitoring and Incident Notification

We have incident management and monitoring processes in place to manage events that may compromise the integrity or availability of services, systems or data. If an incident occurs, the Incident Management Team logs and prioritizes the incident according to its severity and any major incident that impacts the up-time of the system will be posted on the Iseehear Health Status Check Dashboard. Events that directly impact customers will be assigned the highest priority.

Please visit the Iseehear Health Status Check Dashboard    Iseehear Health Status Check Dashboard

Information Security Management (ISM)

Iseehear Information Security Management policies were established in order to protect our subscriber's Data, Intellectual Property, Privacy, as well as address Iseehear's IT Security, Risk Management, Research Continuity and Support Services.

All Iseehear cloud applications are supported by a robust Information Security Management and Data Governance structure that addresses Iseehear's application and IT infrastructure security, risk management policies, disaster recovery policies and research continuity policies.

To learn more about Iseehear Information Security Management (ISM) and some of the security resources we have deployed, please visit the Security menus on and SoftMouse.NET as illustrated in the images below: Security pages:

SoftMouse.NET Security pages:

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