Emergency Application Upgrades And System Maintenance Procedures

Emergency Application Upgrades and System Maintenance Procedures are unscheduled procedures performed in order to keep the Iseehear systems and services performing at first-in-class service levels if a severe issue is noticed.

What are Emergency Circumstances?

Emergency Circumstances can either happen on:

1. Iseehear's end (e.g. you are unable to access your data due to an issue on Iseehear's network or at Iseehear's hosting facility)

2. The subscriber's end (e.g. your internet has gone down)

3. In the event that Iseehear's primary servers are offline, or in the event of an emergency at Iseehear's hosting facility, status updates will be posted for the customers on the IseehearHealth Status page.

4. In the event that there is an emergency issue on the subscriber's end and the subscriber cannot access their data, please be assured that subscriber data is safe and backed up regularly every 24 hours at a secure secondary location.

If the emergency on the subscribers end persists and Internet access cannot be restored within a reasonable timeframe, the subscriber can contact the Iseehear support team directly and request an Excel back up of their data.

Emergency Upgrades or Emergency System Maintenance Procedures will be posted in advance in these locations:

  1. Iseehear Health Network Status Check  
  2. On the Notice Board section of the login access page

  3. On the Information Scroll located at the top of www.SoftMouse.NET  

Iseehear will post a notice message to the Notice Board section on the login access pages and on the Iseehear Blogs and Iseehear Twitter account. Subscribers will also receive an emergency maintenance notice email informing them of the unscheduled event.

Iseehear will keep you informed of our progress and estimated time to resumption of affected systems and services.

To learn more about Emergency Upgrades And System Maintenance Procedures, click here.

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