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SoftMouse.NET Cloud Security Information

To provide some history, when Iseehear was first building the SoftMouse.NET Colony Management Software cloud service in 2008, we understood from the beginning that security of our clients personal information, client research data and our cloud environments was our number one priority and was something we needed to invest in significantly to earn and keep the trust of our user base. As such, we built a robust security infrastructure to support the secure access, delivery, storage and protection of our client's personal information as well as their research data.

Compliance and Data Protection:

SoftMouse FREE and Premium Cloud Accounts offer these included security and research continuity features:
For more information, please visit Iseehear’s Security Policies, which support the SoftMouse.NET database.

Application Support:

SoftMouse.NET both FREE and Premium Accounts offer these included value-added support services:
  • 24x7x365 customer support, including technical support, usage support, tips for optimal usage, set up and online training - if needed, via the toll-free number (1 844 559 6322) and [email protected] email
  • 4 hours response time ( generally less) promise to support and technical inquiries and issues
  • Secure cloud data storage of colony data and uploaded files
  • Ability to submit feedback and new feature requests for product enhancements
  • All application upgrades and maintenance are taken care of on our end. All planned upgrades and maintenance activities take place on Saturdays between 8:00 pm and midnight EST so as not to disrupt usage of SoftMouse during the week

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Please feel free to contact our Support Team if you have any additional questions or inquiries.

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